Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Keep it simple stupid.

Sometimes the best thing to put on, is the simplest thing to put on. You can never go wrong with the basics.

A simple white tee, jeans, and some flats. No flashy jewelry, no bold make up. Simplicity.

I have to remind myself that, that's ok. I find myself trying to keep up with the other bloggers out there, but if I was to be honest I'm most comfortable in a simple outfit. It's comfortable, chic, and I'm still able to chase behind my 4 year old and 5 month old.

So note to my future self, the next time you're stressed out about what to wear - remember, Keep it simple stupid.

Receipt Rundown|Jeans|Flats- Similar|Shirt

Forgot to take my badge off from work! Sorry! 

Time for a ponytail. I never have my hair down for that long. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ever Wonder...what bloggers wear to cheer up

Sometimes when you're going through a rough patch, you have to fake it til you make it.

This includes wearing a loud neon shirt with 4 bad @$$ Ninja Turtles on it...and sometimes it includes dying your hair purple. You know, for that extra umph! :)

I made a list [that I am still working on] of 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30, as I cross things off the list I'll share them here with you. Some of my 30 things included coloring my hair a 'crazy' color, getting back in school, and checking out some local restaurants I've always wanted to try. I've crossed a few things off so far, looking forward to crossing off the rest!

Receipt Rundown| Jeans - H&M| Shirt - Walmart (Similar)

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Freebies|Graze

You guys…I have a confession to make.....

I like to snack...

 Like a lot!

AND, not on the best types of snack either.

I have a coworker that fills a bowl up daily with Snickers, Milkyways, Reese’s, and other delectable unhealthy treats. Every time I am on my way to fill up my water bottle or heading to the printer I have to pass buy this bowl of temptation. I didn’t seem to mind grabbing a Snicker or two when I was pregnant, but now that I am almost 5 months post baby I’m doing my darndest to get myself back into shape! I’ve got a pair of BF jeans that I’m determined to fit back into! They’re my faves!

So you can imagine how happy I was to find out about Graze! A fantastic service that will actually mail you 4 delicious and nutritious snacks every week, every two weeks, once a month! As often as you’d like!
All their snacks have a nutritionist approved badge. They are free from GMO’s, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and high fructose corn syrup! Plus, 0g of Trans fats! Talk about good for you!

The best part about Graze is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! At only $6.49 a box you can’t beat it! You get your first box FREE! And if you continue to use the service your 5th box is free as well! Getting rewarded for eating healthy with more free food! Um, YES PLEASE!

The Garden of England was my fave in this box! 

Feel free to click here for your free box or simply go to and enter this code: K1F9GCVVU
It’s a great way to snack healthily and without the guilt! For $6.49 and free shipping it's a win-win!

Have you checked out Graze before? How do you resist snacking on unhealthy foods?

This is not a sponsored post, and I was not compensated by Graze to write this. I simply wanted to share a great new service that I found out about and use myself! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A little something new...

So, if you like my FB page you saw my status about a BIG reveal today!!

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture: [by the way #1 seemed to be the popular choice]

asking for help in deciding which color to go with. I was really torn between the two, untiiiill I saw THIS picture on pinterest 

I knew right away that this was really the color I wanted! Something that was a cross between red and purple. Something totally new and out of my comfort zone. Up until last night I always played it safe with highlights and color. Getting the same one year after year. THIS, this is a major change and I love the way it turned out! 

I needed to do something fun and exciting, after I had my son I did a big chop this time around I colored outside the lines ;)

Excuse the pictures because it's super late at night and I had no make up on but here it is!!

Blonde is so NOT my color! LOL :)

Do you like it? Because I love it!

It's very bright now, but the color will tone down after a few washes and really settle!

Have you ever done a drastic color change before?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life Happens

Many apologies for my radio silence lately! Been very busy with work, but I promise to get back to blogging soon! I miss you all! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Right Now

Right now I’m...

Wearing gray sweatpants [but not in that picture]
Listening to my daughter breathe as she sleeps beside me
Watching my words as I type them on the screen
Thinking about what to wear to work tomorrow
Nervous about my review, they always give me anxiety
Reading an email from Google telling me I just renewed my site for another year! Looks like I am sticking around at least until 2015 :)
Wanting another Popsicle
Feeling bummed about my Ipsy bag in July. I could only use 1 thing
Excited about kickboxing class
Considering signing up for StitchFix, I feel so left out! LOL
Proud of myself for prepping my smoothie fruits for in the morning
Happy to be writing for Carolina STYLE Magazine again
Looking forward to going to Baltimore in a few weeks
Loving that I got my younger sister addicted to the show Blossom! Her cool factor just went up a little. I’m still cooler, because I’m older.
Loving watching my husband play with our kids. No sweeter sight.
Getting sleepy. It’s time for bed

What are YOU doing right now?

Friday, July 25, 2014